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About Mike Slavin

I've been a close-up magician for more than half my life. Shuffling cards is my meditation.

Here's a list of my current and recent projects:

Down The Rabbit Hole:

This weekly newsletter serves as a regular window into wonder. Each issue contains enlightening links from around the web, eye-opening quotes from brilliant thinkers, an awe-inspiring image plus a lot more. I've been sending it for nearly 3 years and it goes out to 24,000+ people.


Umbo is a functional mushroom supplement brand founded by former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer and retired UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans. We create products to help athletes improve their performance and recovery. I craft growth strategy and manage all aspects of the ecommerce storefront.


I devised and executed upon a strategy that lead to the highest grossing Black Friday/Cyber Monday season in company history. This was accomplished by doubling down on email marketing campaigns and integrating SMS communications into the promotion window.


Launched a 3-day "stay at home" digital retreat that garnered 2700+ registrants. The emphasis was on cultivating rituals. I organized speaker and sponsor outreach, created the event schedule, designed to the landing page, and even emceed the event.

AI Playbooks:

This project is in hibernation mode as I've been more focused on real world day-to-day use cases of AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Mid Journey, and RunwayML (rather than making content about them). Drummed up 300k+ views in a relatively short period of time.

Need to reach me? Email me at

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